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Maven Photo and Film is the premier commercial photography company in Central Florida. Their work speaks for itself so our job was to showcase it easily and conveniently. We did this by breaking down their photos into different services such as Business + Branding, Food + Drinks, Live Events, Adventure + Travel, Equine and many more. This strategic organization aimed to provide visitors with a tailored browsing experience, ensuring that they could effortlessly explore the specific type of content that piqued their interest.

Our goal was to highlight both their photography and videography services as individual sections on each industry page. This dual-section approach not only made it incredibly user-friendly for visitors to find the precise information and galleries they sought but also upheld the website’s SEO value. In doing so, we ensured that the website remained readily discoverable for users searching for either photography or videography services, contributing to Maven Photo and Film’s online visibility and engagement.

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